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Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost any money to use Crochetrendy?
Nope! Registration is free, and so is the weekly email. You do need to register if you want to save and keep track of your favorite patterns.

How do I save patterns to “My Favorites”?
You’ll first need to register for an account, or log in to your existing account. Once you are logged in, you can begin saving favorites by clicking the “Add to My Favorites” link below the social media buttons on individual pattern listings. To view your Favorites page, click the “My Favorites” link at the top of the page.


I have a question about a pattern. Who should I contact?
We’ll always refer you to the designer for pattern-specific questions. You can usually find their contact information on their blog.

The download link isn’t working. What am I doing wrong?
Crochetrendy doesn’t have patterns available for download. If you’re seeing something that’s telling you to download, you’re looking at an ad. Patterns can be found on the designers’ blogs or Ravelry pages, and the only way to get to them from Crochetrendy is to click the pink “view pattern” button on each listing.


How do I submit a design?
Use this form to submit a design to be listed on Crochetrendy. Please note that submitted patterns must be free, and we reserve the right to list only the patterns that we feel are a strong fit for our demographic.

How does Crochetrendy use a submitted design?
When a pattern submission is accepted, you are giving us permission to use the information you provide us in our listing. We reserve the right to edit pattern descriptions for typos and length. We also reserve the right to crop the photo (for purposes of cohesive site design). We will link our listing to the pattern’s location, but we will never post the pattern, whole or in part, on our site or anywhere else. Submitted patterns may also be used in Crochetrendy roundups and featured on our social media pages. Once again, users will always have to visit your site to view the actual pattern, and our objective is to get users to you.

How do I submit a Designer Profile?
When you submit your first pattern and it is accepted, you’ll be asked to also submit a photo and brief description of yourself for a Designer Profile. All designer photos will be cropped to a circle and converted to black & white (again, to keep a cohesive style on our site). All of your subsequent patterns will be listed on your designer profile along with a link to your blog, and your designer profile will also be linked to from each of your patterns. Our goal is to naturally guide our users from pattern listings to blogs, resulting in more traffic for you. You can view an example of a Designer Profile here.